May 9th, 2017 VILC  Newsletter

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Winter is finally here in Melbourne and it's colder all around Australia. In this issue the "Maker movement" hits Australia. Listen to the news item to learn all about it. In other Australian news, new $20,000 visa for migrants' parents, and NSW doctors to refer domestic violence victims.

In world news, the French elections results were won in a decisive manner, while a Chinese scientist's survives 71,000 volts, and the distressing trend of skin bleaching in South Africa.

The next  Easynews edition will roll hot off the presses  on May 23rd.

Easynews - People Events and Interests -- are listening activities produced by AMES Australia and SBS.


  • Emmanuel Macron - France’s new president,

  • The new “Maker Movement” in Australia

  • New visa for migrants' parents, Australian

  • Chinese scientist survives 71,000 volts

  • NSW GPs to refer domestic violence victims, and

  • Skin bleaching on the increase in South Africa


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