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February 21, 2017 VILC  Newsletter

Hello and welcome to the third  Easynews issue of 2017!

In this issue we will be travelling to Germany to learn about a "spy doll". We will also be looking at two health-related issues: child immunisation and vitamin D deficiency.

Those interested in the upcoming Oscars ceremony can listen and read about the Australian nominee "Lion". Finally, this issue will also present some information on the Australian rental market as well as the new $10 banknote to be issued in September.

The next  Easynews edition will roll hot off the presses  on March 6th.

Easynews 2017 -- are listening activities produced by AMES Australia and SBS.


  • Vitamin D could prevent winter colds and flu

  • Australians renting are anxious and worried

  • Immunisation rate is increasing but doctor wants a review

  • Australia to get a new $10 dollar note in September

  • "Spy doll" taken off shelves in Germany, and

  • Australian film "Lion" a favourite at the Oscars

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Take care and best wishes

The VILC team
Olga and Dora

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