July 17th 2019,  VILC  Newsletter

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The first Easynews 2019 bulletin for term 3 is now live with an interesting range of news items. First off we cover the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing and we have Armstrong's words as well as focusing on the part that Australia played. A story about a Dinka Ethnic school in Adelaide and how it's helping to have better communication in families. And New Zealand continues to lead the way in waste reduction. A good story to start the conversation about reducing plastic.

In Easynews People, Events and interests with a range of listening items. It's called Healthy food, healthy planet. It explores "superfoods", organic food, why the world is getting fatter and how that is putting our planet at risk. 

The next  Easynews bulletin will be on a screen near you on July 29th. 



Easynews 2019 -- News from SBS with listening activities from 2019
  • 50th anniversary of Moon landing
  • No plastic on Air New Zealand flights
  • Wimbledon final lasts five hours
  • Australian Flu antibiotic a possibility
  • Queensland plans for Indigenous treaty
  • Dinka language school in South Australia


Teaching tips:

  • As a follow-on from the story on how Air New Zealand the students could plan how they could reduce the amount of plastic they use.

  • As always, issues in  Easynews items are great for classroom discussions!


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