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April 26th, 2017 VILC  Newsletter

Hello and welcome to another VILC newsletter!

We hope you have used some of our resources to introduce the ANZAC day to your students!

In this issue we discuss the situation around North Korea and how it may affect Australia. The new Australian citizenship requirements are also part of this issue reflecting the debate about Australian values.
Other news from around the world includes the blind hiring technique in Canada and the new craze in Japan - salad cakes! Finally, if any of our subscribers are considering getting a dog, they will definitely benefit from listening to an item about the website that matches dogs with owners.

The next  Easynews edition will roll hot off the presses  on May 8th.

Easynews - People Events and Interests -- are listening activities produced by AMES Australia and SBS.


  • China urged to play an active role in influencing North Korea,

  • Changes to Australian citizenship test,

  • Australia and New Zealand lead the way with “March for Science” rallies,

  • Canada trials blind hiring for government jobs,

  • Website helps people choose the best dog,

  • Beautiful, super-healthy 'salad cakes' are Japan's latest food craze.

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Teaching tips:

  • Check out the VILC facebook page for more resources and events.

  • Feel free to use the online discussion on VILC which we have re-introduced.

  • We hope you will find some discussion questions that accompany some easynews issues useful!


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