January 11th 2018,  VILC  News

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The first Easynews bulletin  for 2018 has rolled hot off the presses with a topical news, like the debate for the date of Australia Day, The NZ Prime Minister is pregnant so will have to juggle motherhood and running the country, the two Koreas will march under one flag at the Winter Olympics starting next month.

Easynews 2018 -- are listening activities produced by AMES Australia and SBS.


  • North and South Korea to march under the same flag at Winter Olympics

  • Russia‚Äôs darkest month in history

  • Calls for change of date for Australia Day

  • 13 children kept prisoner by Californian parents

  • New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is pregnant and

  • Wallaby crosses Sydney Harbour Bridge

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  • We hope you will find some discussion questions that accompany some Easynews issues useful!


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