October 16th, 2017 VILC  Newsletter

Hello and welcome to another VILC newsletter!

Many countries are in the grip of natural disasters and we report on California and Vietnam in the Easynews bulletin. Are these extreme events related to climate change? Climate change is claimed to be the cause of the disaster that has befallen a large penguin colony in East Antarctica, which we also report on in this bulletin. Closer to home, the biennial World Solar Challenge, which runs from Darwin to Adelaide, has been one by the Dutch student team for the 7th time.

The next  Easynews bulletin will roll hot off the presses on November 1st. 

Easynews 2017 -- are listening activities produced by AMES Australia and SBS.


  • Wildfires in California and floods and landslides in Vietnam,

  • Is Catalonia splitting from Spain,

  • Dutch Team win the World Solar Challenge,

  • Overseas students to sit test for tertiary studies,

  • Two baby penguins survive breeding season, and

  • Mother and son found after 10 days lost in NSW bush.

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  • Feel free to use the online discussion on VILC which we have re-introduced.

  • We hope you will find some discussion questions that accompany some Easynews issues useful!


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