October 15th 2019,  VILC  Newsletter

Hello and welcome to the first VILC newsletter for Term 4!

The latest Easynews bulletin is now live with news items that range through sport, weather events, war, music and Australian politics. We cover the huge typhoon that has devastated areas of Japan, and look at some inspiring people - an Afghan man who has brought music back to his country and a young disabled sportsman who is the Australian face of the INAS Global Games. 

The boats may have stopped but 80 asylum seekers arrive in Australia by plane every day. 

Just some of the stories this week, and now an exciting extra to start Term 4: The second Easynews Feature of 2019.

In this International Year of Indigenous Languages, we've brought you 10 stories about indigenous languages and languages speakers around the world (3 elementary, 4 intermediate and 3 advanced), but with a special focus on what's happening in Australia. Learn about whistling languages, ancient sign languages, how art and language work together for women in the north of Australia, and how a small bookshop uses storytellers to help keep mother tongues alive in Sydney.

The next  Easynews bulletin will be on a screen near you on October 29th. 

image source: Stefan Armbruster /SBS News



Easynews 2019 -- News from SBS with listening activities from 2019


  • Jamaican orphan now running for Australia
  • 80 asylum seekers a day arrive at Australian airports
  • Thousands of Japanese trapped by floods caused by Typhoon Hagibis
  • A portrait celebrates the first indigenous woman in House of Reps
  • Afghanistan’s all-female orchestra
  • Turkish attacks on Kurds in northern Syria continue
  • 30 more children to join Victoria’s medicinal cannabis scheme

Easynews People, Events and Interests -- listening activities based on topics produced  by AMES Australia and SBS.

The International Year of Indigenous Languages feature

  • What are song names and who has them?
  • Whistling languages
  • Taking indigenous design to Paris
  • Who speaks what language in the world?
  • Linguistic diversity in the Northern Territory
  • Multilingual storytellers in a Sydney bookshop


Teaching tips:

  • Ask students if they play a musical instrument or if a member of their family does.

  • As always, issues in  Easynews items are great for classroom discussions!


Best wishes

The VILC team
Dora and Lilliana

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