June 7th, 2017 VILC  Newsletter

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In this issue we couldn't avoid reporting on the latest terrorist attack in London. In other world news we report on the US pulling out of the Paris climate accord and for light relief, or maybe a sign of fiction becoming reality, we learn about Dubai getting "robocops".

In Australian news,  Bachar Houli, Richmond Tiger player, talks about playing football during Ramadan, Australian Red Cross nurses work recognised and we might have to work until we are 70

The next  Easynews edition will roll hot off the presses on June 20th.

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  • Third terrorist attack in England in three months,

  • United States exits from Paris Climate Agreement,

  • Australian Red Cross nurses receive Florence Nightingale Medal,

  • Ramadan helps AFL player Bachar Houli be a “better person',

  • Increasing pension age to 70 is sensible, says government, and

  • 'Robocop' joins Dubai police.

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