October 30th 2019,  VILC  Newsletter

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The latest Easynews bulletin is now live with news items that range through animal welfare, protests, fashion, business, tourism and people trafficking. As Spring Racing Carnivals reach their high season around Australia, we look at the anger generated by the expose of the treatment of old or unwanted racehorses. We cover the civilian protests in Lebanon and Iraq and the horror of 39 dead in a sealed truck in England. We meet twins who 'hear' music through their clothes, and migrant women who have built small businesses with the help of a state-funded program. 

Uluru is a famous tourist destination but after decades of campaigning by traditional owners, visitors are no longer allowed to climb on the sacred site.

And it's Melbourne Cup next week so have a look at the Melbourne Cup topic in Easynews People, Events and Interests 

The next  Easynews bulletin will be on a screen near you on November 12th. 

Uluru at sunset

Easynews 2019 -- News from SBS with listening activities from 2019


  • Most of the 39 dead found in a truck in Britain may be Vietnamese
  • People can’t climb Uluru anymore
  • Migrant women starting businesses with help of a program
  • Deaf sisters ‘hear’ the music through their clothes
  • Citizens demand change in Lebanon and Iraq and
  • As anger about cruelty to horses grows, thousands still go to races

Easynews People, Events and Interests -- listening activities based on topics produced  by AMES Australia and SBS.


  • Melbourne Cup
    It includes items on what is the Melbourne Cup, Spring racing carnival, on Phar Lap including the radio call from the race when Phar Lap won.


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