April 30th 2019,  VILC  Newsletter

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The first Easynews 2019 bulletin is now live with an interesting range of news items. With the Federal election around the corner we’ve put in a short overview of this complex process. There's also an item about Australia's new fifty cent coins that celebrate the Year of Indigenous Languages by featuring 14 different words for "money" from Australian Indigenous languages.

During the break there's also been a new feature in Easynews People, Events and interests with a range of listening items. It's called Healthy food, healthy planet. It explores "superfoods", organic food, why the world is getting fatter and how that is putting our planet at risk. 

The next  Easynews bulletin will be on a screen near you on May 13th. 



Easynews 2019 -- News from SBS with listening activities from 2019
  • what is preferential voting?
  • a new emperor for Japan
  • measles numbers rising around the world
  • New coin celebrates Year of Indigenous languages
  • Sri Lanka marks a week since Easter Sunday bombings, and
  • Newstart recipients can’t afford to rent


Teaching tips:

  • As a follow-on from the new fifty cent coins news item, you could have a competition for the first student to bring one of the new coins to class.

  • As always, issues in  Easynews items are great for classroom discussions!


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