"It’s proven to be extremely helpful, interesting and engaging for literacy and EAL students!" Teacher May 2015


"Many thanks VILC team! You’ve done a fantastic job yet again this year!!!"  Teacher December 2012


"I love your programme so much, because it is really help me to improve my Australian English." Student December 2012

  "That's a good lesson.  I always practice. I think practice makes perfect.  I like VILC very much..." Student September 2012
    " Is really good English lesson.  I like very much." Student September 2012
  "I am excited to be using this fabulous site with our students again this year."...Teacher February 2012
  ....We are finding Virtualilc absolutely invaluable for the AMEP settlement course we are currently delivering to our students. Thanks again- we love it!!- ....Teacher August 2011
  ....The ‘Watch This’ videos  are a great resource!....Teacher August 2011
  ...The twins (Watch this - Life stories) were a hit! even though the students didn't understand 100% of the language, they really got a feel for the relationship between them and it stimulated a LOT of really deep and interesting discussion. They also really enjoyed the work sheet, especiaaly the parts that deal with informal speech. Would recommend for other classes, and it worked particularly well for my youth CSWE 2 students. Thanks!!! .... Teacher 

"Dear Virtualilc team, You’re producing fantastic materials – thank you! Both students and I look forward to your materials every week. Congratulations!" ...Teacher

  "Your presentation to the DoS Network Meeting yesterday alerted us to recent new features of the VILC and gave us some great ideas for making use of the facility with our students. After having let it languish for too long, we will be incorporating VILC activities into our ESL program in Term IV, starting next month."...DOS
  “Our staff are delighted to be able to continue to use VILC as part of our program. Our training room is well set up so that 10 students at one time can access the site and the teachers can do follow up activities back in the classroom. All our staff have used VILC and Easynews is a particular favourite. The students are comfortable with the interface and confident in using it.” ...Teacher
  Thank you very much. It is interesting and useful. In each news is a different type of activity and exercise. Very good for understanding because voices are clear and not fast.” ...Student
  “The Virtual ILC has saved our teachers! Gone are the short straw days of having to teach computers. Thanks for all your work …” ...Teacher
  “I think that this is very useful for the improvement of my English knowledge. Sometimes, when I do these exercises I have to think quickly and in my opinion it helps me with my English in real life.”  ...Student
  “This is a fantastic way to improve English skills while keeping up with what is happening in the world. What a brilliant idea!!!!!!!” ...Teacher
  “I think that this is a good way to find out what is happening around the world and in Australia. It also helps me in learning English through the listening and doing exercise.”...Student
  “Thanks for the temporary User ID and Password. I had no trouble convincing the IT department that it was a wonderful site and well worth registering. … Congratulations on wwweloping such a great site.”...Teacher

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