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Dora Troupiotis

In this task you will  visit the ANZAC Day Commemoration Committee (Queensland) website.

You will find out what ANZAC stands for and where it comes from.
Then you will give short answers to questions.

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Step 1
What does the word acronym mean? 

Click on Language Practice - "Open here" or "New Window" at the bottom of this screen to go to an online dictionary. Just type the word in the box and click Search. 

Step 2

You will visit an ANZAC web page to answer this question:

What does ANZAC stand for?

Click on Go to web page - "Open here" or "New Window" at the bottom of this screen to read the information. 
Step 3
 Read the following questions and find the answers on the website:

  1. What were the letters on the original rubber stamp created by Little and Millington? 

  2. In which country was the headquarters of this army corps? 

  3. When and how did ANZAC become famous? 

  4. During which war did this take place?

  5. What meaning does ANZAC have today? 

  6. Does ANZAC have any meaning for you? 

  7. When was the original ANZAC Corps disbanded? 

  8. In which country was there an ANZAC Corps in World War 2? 

  9. What does the writer try to do? 
    Inform, persuade, instruct or just tell a story? Gives reasons for your answer.

  10. How must the word ANZAC be written?

Click Answers to check your work.

Step 4
ANZAC Day is a day of remembrance and to give thanks. Do you think countries should have commemorative days like this? You can practise your speaking by having a discussion in your class on this subject.

Step 5
Check Easynews for news items about ANZAC Day.

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