Changes to the Australian citizenship test

= an agreement to do something in the future
involvement = your involvement in something is the fact that you are taking part in it

exemption = a permanent injury, illness, or physical or mental condition that tends to restrict the way that someone can live their life

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Listen and click in the white box to answer the questions.
Do not worry about the spelling.
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  1. How man new citizenship requirements have been introdouced?

  2. From what date will the new citizenship requirements become effective?

  3. What is the first new requirement mentioned in the news item?

  4. For how many years will the new permanent residents have to live in Australia before they can become Australian citizens?

  5. What will the new permanent residents have to do to show that they understand and commit to Australian values?

  6. How can permanent residents show that they have become members of the Australian community?

  7. How many chances will there be to sit the citizenship test?

  8. What does Malcolm Turnbull believe the majority of Australians think about the new citizenship requirements?

Discuss in class: What do you think about the new citizenship requirements? How much do you know about Australian values?

Would you pass the Citizenship test?: Try it here

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