(A) Podcast 1: Career planning

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Listening comprehension - Choose the correct answer.
1. Who meets the student counsellor?


2. What does Marie suggest Emina do?
Get experience in a store.
Sell clothes at a market.
3. What course does Marie suggest for Emina?
Retail or Fashion Design
Retail or Hospitality

The story - Choose the correct word.
Emina meets Nick and tells him she is meeting up  the Student Counsellor to get some  about her next step, after she finishes her Certificate 3. She explains that she would  like to have her own business making and selling clothes. Marie advises Emina to get some experience in a retail store first. Marie also  that she could then do a course in retail or fashion design at TAFE. Afterwards, Nick offers to get in touch with his friend who works in Coles, as he may be  to help her.

Getting a job - Click True or False.
1. You can get career advice from the student counsellor. True   False
2. You need to plan a pathway to achieve your career goals. True   False
3. Before you start your own business in Australia, there is a lot to learn. True   False
4. Communicating in a workplace is a good way to improve your spoken English. True   False

Grammar - Type the long form of these abbreviations.
1. Who’s 6. That’ll    
2. You’ll 7. That’d    
3. Don’t 8. I’d    
4. I’ve 9. It’s    
5. There’s 10. I’ll    

Vocabulary - Choose the correct word.
1. I have to go to some warehouses to meet with the for my shop.
2. My shop is near a train station, so there are always plenty of .
3. I need to do a course in so I can advertise my business better.
4. I’m not buying more because I have no more storage room.
5. His were to do further study or take the factory job.

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